As you may know UploadMe and Upload2.us allows adult content. Recently we've had visitors upload adult content that UploadMe doesn't allow.

This is content containing images of minors of underage children which isn't allowed at UploadMe and Upload2.us.

Adult content is allowed but please keep to UK's law including over the legal age of 18 and flag images as NSFW ("Not Safe for Work"), If you're unsure of the age in the photo you're uploading it's simple - don't upload it.

We've made these changes to work along with this:

  1. The "Adult (18+)" has been renamed to "Adult (18+ no minors)";
  2. We've updated our terms of services;
  3. We've placed this announcement along with a global site bar;
  4. Email templates have been updated upon registration welcome emails;
  5. NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content is now blurred by default;
  6. You will now have to agree to the terms of service before uploading (guests).

If you're found uploading content of minors or simply not following the United Kingdom's law regarding Adult Content you'll be reported to law enforcements and banned from our servers and network (permanently).